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Page Title: Shutdown Procedures
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TM 3-6665-225-12
e. If presence of chemical agent has been veri-
remove it from AIR INLET assembly cover (4). In-
fied, decontaminate exterior of all components (TM
stall FLOWMETER in M43 detector unit handle. In-
stall plug (1, fig. 2-5) in cover (4) or if vehicle-
mounted, install RAINSHIELD assembly (1, fig. 1-3)
2-12. Reactivating Alarm System After
in cover.
Operational Alert
2-13. Shutdown Procedures
After an all-clear has been sounded, the alarm sys-
tem can be reactivated for the remainder of a 12-
a. Shutdown For More Than 72 Hours. If alarm
hour mission at the discretion of the unit comman-
system is to be shutdown for more than 72 hours,
return M43 detector unit and M42 alarm unit to
organizational maintenance for administrative stor-
If the alarm system is to be operational for
age (para 5-3 and 5-4) or shipment (para 5-1 and
two or more continuous missions, perform
checks and reservicing procedures (para
b. Shutdown For 72 Hours or Less. If alarm sys-
2-10) after each 12-hour mission.
tem is to be shutdown for 72 hours or less and re-
used within 72 hours, perform following procedures:
a. Remove AIR OUTLET cap (15, fig. 1-2) from
(1) If M10 power supply is in use, set 115V/
b. Remove plug (1, fig. 2-5) from AIR INLET
OFF/220V power switch (3, fig. 2-2) to OFF.
cover (4).
(2) Press HORN VOL-BATTERY TEST switch
(6, fig. 2-1) on M43 detector unit and note indication
c. Remove FLOWMETER (3, fig. 1-3) from han-
of meter (l). If meter indicates less than 24, discard
dle (2). Insert and twist FLOWMETER firmly clock-
wise into top of AIR INLET cover (4, fig. 2-6).
BA3517/U battery or forward BB501/U battery to
d. Remove electrical connector cover (10, fig. 1-2)
organizational maintenance for recharging.
from 24 VDC INPUT connector (11).
(3) Disconnect power source from 24 VDC IN-
PUT connector (11, fig. 1-2).
e. Connect power source connector to 24 VDC
(4) Install electrical connector cover (10) on 24
INPUT connector (11). Horn (2) must sound. Adjust
VDC INPUT connector (11).
HORN VOL-BATTERY TEST know (6, fig. 2-1) for
desired level.
(5) Press in M43 detector unit REMOTE bin-
f. Press HORN VOL-BATTERY TEST knob (6).
ding post (17), remove telephone cable connections,
and release binding posts.
Meter (1) must indicate 24 minimum. Release knob.
g. Press ZERO ADJUST Knob (5), rotate it fully
(6) Release four clamping catches (12) from
counterclockwise, and release it. Horn must stop
bottom catches (13). Remove the detector unit as-
sembly (6) from the bottom case assembly (9).
sounding and pump assembly must operate.
(7) Remove reservoir assembly (12, fig. 1-3).
h. Press down on top of FLOWMETER. Ball
Discard solution in accordance with standing oper-
must float within correct zone for ambient temper-
ating procedures. Install empty reservoir assembly to
i. Press and rotate ZERO ADJUST knob (5) until
dectector unit assembly.
(8) Insure that seal (1, fig. 1-4) is correctly sea-
meter (1) indicates in ZERO ADJUST zone (blue).
ted in groove around the top of bottom case assem-
Release ZERO ADJUST knob (5, fig. 2-1). After 5
bly (9, fig. 1-2); then fasten four clamping catches
minutes, press and reset, if necessary.
j. If meter (1) does not indicate in ZERO ADJUST
(9) Set AIR INLET assembly to CLOSED PO-
zone (blue), press and hold ZERO ADJUST knob (5)
SITION (fig. 2-5, A).
in. Press in hand crank (2), rotate crank clockwise
(10) Pull up hand crank (2, fig. 2-1) to storage
25 turns and release it. Repeat i above.
k. Rotate AIR INLET assembly to OPEN position
(11) Install AIR OUTLET cap (15, fig. 1-2) on
(fig. 2-5, B).
l. Twist FLOWMETER (2, fig. 2-6) clockwise and
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