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Page Title: Continuous Use-Checks and Reservicing Procedures
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TM 3-6665-225-12
detector unit and secure AIR FILTER plug (4). Re-
is operating continuously.
place cap on sensitivity check bottle and return it
a. If M10 power supply and standby battery are
to M229 refill kit.
in use, perform following voltage level checks:
o. Connect power source to 24 VDC INPUT con-
(1) Check voltage output of M10 power supply
nector (11, fig. 1-2) of M43 detector unit.
by pressing M43 detector unit HORN VOL-
p. Immediately press and hold ZERO ADJUST
BATTERY TEST knob (6, fig. 2-1). Meter (1) must
knob (5, fig. 2-1) for 5 seconds and release it. Within
indicate 24 minimum. Position M10 power supply
15 seconds to 5 minutes, M43 detector unit horn (3)
power switch (3, fig. 2-2) to OFF.
must sound, M42 alarm unit loudspeaker (5, fig. 1-5)
(2) Check voltage output of standby battery by
must sound, and ALARM-RED indicator (3) must
pressing M43 detector unit HORN VOL-BATTERY
TEST knob (6, fig. 2-1). Meter (1) must indicate 24
minimum. Replace discharged battery. Return dis-
If M43 detector unit horn does not sound,
charged BB501/U battery to organizational main-
repeat j. through p. above twice, if neces-
tenance  for recharging.  Discard discharged
BA3517/U battery.
sary. Use a new filter each time. Then refer
to table 3-3 for operator's troubleshooting
b. If BA3517/U battery or BB501/U battery are
used as primary power sources, or if alarm system
q. Disconnect power source connector from M43
is installed in vehicle, check power source voltage
detector unit 24 VDC INPUT connector (11, fig. 1-2).
output (a(2) above).
r. Remove AIR FILTER plug (4, fig. 2-4) and dis-
C. Reservice M43 detector unit as follows:
(1) Disconnect power source from 24 VDC IN-
card used air filter (3). Open unused air filter pack-
age (7, fig. 1-6); discard watertight bag (8). Remove
PUT connector (11, fig. 1-2).
air filter (10) from plastic wrapper (9) and discard
(2) Remove one solution reservoir assembly (5,
plastic wrapper.
fig. 1-6) from drawer (1) of M229 refill kit.
S . Insert air filter (3, fig. 2-4) into AIR FIL-
(3) Prepare solution (fig. 2-3).
TER slot of M43 detector unit (1) with black side of
(4) Install reservoir assembly (para 2-7c).
filter material (2) upward. Install and tighten AIR
(5) Rotate AIR INLET assembly to CLOSED
FILTER plug (4).
position. Unscrew plug (1, fig. 2-5A).
t. Connect power source to 24 VDC INPUT con-
(6) Press ZERO ADJUST knob (5, fig. 2-1), ro-
nector (11, fig. 1-2).
tate it fully clockwise, and release it.
u. Press and adjust ZERO ADJUST knob (5, fig.
2-1) so that meter (1) indication is within blue
Notify personnel within audible range that
alarm system is to be tested.
ZERO ADJUST zone. Then release knob. Repeat
after 5 minutes.
(7) Connect power source connector 24 VDC
v. Twist FLOWMETER (2, fig. 2-6) clockwise and
INPUT connector (11, fig. 1-2) of M43 detector unit.
M43 detector unit horn (2, fig. 1-2) and M42 alarm
remove it from AIR INLET assembly cover (4). In-
stall FLOWMETER in M43 detector unit handle.
unit loudspeaker (5, fig. 1-5) must sound.
W. Rotate AIR INLET assembly to OPEN position
(8) Position M42 alarm unit selector switch (8,
(fig. 2-5, B).
fig. 1-5) to HORN OFF or disconnect one wire from
M43 detector unit REMOTE binding post (17, fig.
To prevent damage by overheating, never
1-2). Adjust HORN VOL-BATTERY TEST knob (6,
operate M43 detector unit with AIR INLET
fig. 2-1) for desired level.
assembly in CLOSED position and AIR
(9) Press ZERO ADJUST knob (5), rotate it
INLET plug (1, fig. 2-6) installed.
fully counterclockwise, release it. Horn must stop
x. Install and secure AIR INLET plug (1).
sounding and pump must operate.
The alarm system is now operational.
(6). Meter (1) must indicate 24 minimum. Release
When in operation, keep the M43 generally
in an upright position. Tilt angles greater
(11) Remove FLOWMETER (3, fig. 1-3) from
than 45 may cause improper operation.
handle (2). Insert and twist FLOWMETER firmly
2-10. Continuous Use-Checks and Reservicing
clockwise into top of AIR INLET assembly cover (4,
fig. 2-6). Press down on top of FLOWMETER. Bail
The following prescribes power-source checks and
(6) must rise and float within correct zone for am-
bient temperature (fig. 2-6).
M43 detector unit reservicing procedures that must
be performed every 12 hours when an alarm system
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