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Page Title: Battery power sources
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TM 3-6665-225-12
(3) Set power switch (3) to either 115V or
Before airdrop operations, empty the
220V position, determined by input voltage to
liquid from the M43 detector unit rese-
which M10 power supply is connected. POWER
rvoir assembly.  Internally splashing
ON indicator (2) must light.
liquid may cause the M43 detector unit
(4) Set annunciator (8) to its "all white"
to become inoperative and cause the
position by turning it fully clockwise. Then rotate
mission to be aborted. Do not perform
annunciator full counterclockwise.
the following procedures until after the
(5) Position power switch (3) to OFF.
(6) Disconnect 115V/220V cable (9) from
power source.
a. Remove one solution reservoir assembly (5,
fig. 1-6) from drawer (1) of the M229 refill kit.
d. M229 Refill Kit
b. Prepare solution as described in figure 2-3.
(1) Check date on M229 refill kit sleeve (4,
fig. 1-6). Discard M229 refill kit with expired
c. Install Reservoir Assembly.
(1) Release four clamping catches (12, fig.
(2) Check that each reservoir assembly (5) is
1-2) from catches (13) and remove detector unit
filled to above line on container. Check that liquid
assembly (6) from bottom case assembly (9).
in reservoir assembly (5) is clear, not discolored or
contaminated. Discard defective reservoir assem-
Solution in reservoir  assembly is
blies in M229 refill kit. Check that sensitivity
caustic. Avoid contact with eyes and
check bottle (6) contains enough liquid for mis-
mouth. Flush from skin with water.
(3) Check contents of M229 refill kit to
assure that enough reservoir assemblies (5) and
Keep weight assembly (12.1, fig. 1-3)
air filters (10) are available for the mission.
free from dirt after removing reservoir
e. Battery power sources
(2) Hold detector unit assembly upright by
(1) BA3517/U battery (7, fig. 1-1). Inspect
its handle (2, fig. 1-3) and unscrew reservoir
BA3517/U battery for bent or broken connector
assembly (12) counterclockwise. Allow weight
pins that could prevent proper electrical connec-
assembly (12.1) to hang down. Discard used
tion and frayed or broken cable assembly insula-
reservoir assembly (12) in accordance with
tion. Inspect the case for damage, such as cracks,
standing operating procedures.
that could prevent proper use of battery. Replace
(3) Remove and discard cap from prepared
BA3517/U battery if suspect of damage.
solution reservoir assembly.
(2) BB501/U battery and M168 cable (4
(4) Center new reservoir assembly under
and 6, fig. 11). Inspect and service BB501/U
weight assembly and screw reservoir assembly
battery in accordance with TM 11-6140-203-
clockwise  into  m o u n t i n g hole in detector
15-3. Inspect M168 cable for bent or broken con-
assembly. Insure tight seal by turning reservoir
nector pins, frayed or broken cable assembly in-
D-ring clockwise.
sulation, and other damage that could prevent
proper electrical connection and use of battery.
If the M43 detector unit is to be back-
Replace discharged or defective BB501/U battery
packed, position bottom case assembly
with freshly charged battery and replace M168
(9, fig. 1-2) so that instruction plate (3,
cable assembly if suspect of damage.
fig. 1-4) is on side opposite 24 VDC IN-
f. Mounting Kit. If a mounting kit is part of
PUT receptacle (11, fig. 1-2).
the system configuration, check that vehicular
(5) Check that seal (1, fig. 1-4) is completely
mounting components are secure. Check cables
seated in groove around top of bottom case
for damage (cuts, chafed insulation, exposed
assembly. Assemble detector unit assembly (6,
wires ) and secure connections. Return vehicles to
fig. 1-2) to bottom case assembly (9) and secure
organizational  maintenance that have  loose
clamping catches (12).
mounting kit components and cables that are sus-
d. Install Air Filter
pect of damage.
If air filter has been installed in M43
2-7. Pre-Startup Procedures
detector unit for less than 24 hours,
These procedures prescribe the method of pre-
remove one air filter package (7, fig.
paring and installing the solution reservoir assem-
1-6), disregard (1) through (5) below,
bly and installing the air filter in the M43 detec-
and proceed to paragraph 2-8.
tor unit.

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