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Page Title: Operational Alert
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TM 3-6665-225-12
(24) Connect power source connector to M43
(12) Press and hold ZERO ADJUST knob (5,
detector unit 24 VDC INPUT connector (11, fig. 1-2).
fig. 2-1) in. Press in hand crank (2), rotate crank
(25) Press and adjust ZERO ADJUST knob (5,
clockwise 50 turns, and release it.
fig. 2-1) so that meter (1) indication is within blue
ZERO ADJUST zone. Then release knob. Repeat
Keep hand crank in down position, not
after 5 minutes.
pressed in.
(26) Twist FLOWMETER (2, fig. 2-6) clockwise
(13) Press and rotate ZERO ADJUST knob un-
and remove it from AIR INLET assembly cover (4).
til meter (1) indicates in ZERO ADJUST zone (blue).
Install FLOWMETER in M43 detector unit handle.
Release knob. After 5 minutes, press and reset, if ne-
(27) Rotate AIR INLET assembly to OPEN
position (fig. 2-5, B).
(14) Disconnect power source connector from
M43 detector unit 24 VDC INPUT connector (11,
To prevent damage by overheating, never
operate M43 detector unit with AIR IN-
(15) Remove protective cap from sensitivity
LET assembly in CLOSED position and
check bottle (6, fig. 1-6). Unscrew AIR FILTER plug
AIR INLET plug (1) installed.
(4, fig. 2-4) and remove air filter (3).
(28) Install and secure AIR INLET plug (1), or
(16) Invert sensitivity check bottle and, while
if M43 detector unit is mounted on a vehicle, re-
holding dropper tip 1/2 inch over center of black
move RAINSHIELD assembly (1, fig. 1-3) and in-
side of filter material (2), allow two drops of solu-
stall and secure it in cover (4, fig. 2-6).
tion to fall on filter.
(17) Immediately replace air filter (3) in M43
The alarm system is now operational.
detector unit and secure AIR FILTER plug (4). Re-
2-11. Operational Alert
place cap on sensitivity check bottle.
(18) Connect power source to 24 VDC INPUT
The M43 detector unit will signal when
connector (11), fig 1-2) of M43 detector unit.
exposed to heavy concentrations of rocket
(19) Immediately press and hold ZERO AD-
propellant smoke, screening smoke, signal-
JUST KNOB (5, fig. 2-1) for 5 seconds and release
ing smoke, engine exhaust, or in the event
it. Within 15 seconds to 5 minutes, M43 detector
of nuclear explosion.
unit horn (3) must sound.
When the alarm system signals the presence of
chemical agents, perform the following:
If M43 detector unit horn does not sound,
a. Immediately take protective measures pre-
repeat (13) through (19) above twice, if
scribed in FM 21-41.
necessary. Use a new filter each time. Then
b. Give local alert as prescribed by local stan-
refer to table 3-3 for operator's trouble-
ding operating procedures (SOP).
shooting information.
c. Disconnect power source from M43 detector
(20) Disconnect power source connector from
unit 24 VDC INPUT connector (11, fig. 1-2).
M43 detector unit 24 VDC INPUT connector (11,
d. Set AIR INLET assembly cover (4, fig. 2-5) to
(21) Remove AIR FILTER plug (4, fig. 2-4) and
CLOSED position (fig. 2-5, A). Remove RAIN-
SHIELD assembly (1, fig. 1-3) from cover, if used.
discard used air filter (3). Open unused air filter
package (7, fig. 1-6), discard watertight bag (8).
Install electrical connector cover (10, fig. 1-2) on 24
VDC INPUT connector (11). Install AIR OUTLET
Remove air filter (10) from plastic wrapper (9) and
cap (15) on AIR OUTLET port of M43 detector unit.
discard plastic wrapper.
(22) Insert air filter (3, fig. 2-4) into AIR FIL-
Do not remove bottom case assembly (9) in
TER slot of M43 detector unit (1) with black side of
filter material upward. Install and tighten AIR
presence of chemical agents. Exposure to
chemical agents will render the M43 de-
FILTER plug (4).
(23) Position M42 alarm unit selector switch (8,
tector unit useless. Chemicals used for de-
fig. 1-5) to HORN ON or connect wire to M43 de-
contamination will damage the interior of
tector unit REMOTE binding post (17, fig. 1-2).
the M43 detector unit.
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