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Page Title: Figure 1-5. M42 alarm unit.
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TM 3-6665-225-12
4 Housing
7 Binding posts
1 Panel
5 Loudspeaker
8 Selector switch
2 D-ring
9 screw
6  Identification  plate
3 ALARM-RED indicator
Figure 1-5. M42 alarm unit.
detector cell (4). An electrical signal produced by
bag (8) in which the plastic wrapper containing
the cell is monitored by the electronic module of
the air filter is sealed. Each drawer is provided
the M43 detector unit. The air-solution mixer is
with a handle (3).
pumped out of the detector cell (4) back into the
1-15. BA3517/U Battery
reservoir (5) where the air and solution separate.
The BA3517/U battery supplies primary power to
Next, the pump assembly (6) draws the air from
the M43 detector unit when the alarm system is
the reservoir (5) and exhausts it through the AIR
hand-carried or backpacked. When the alarm sys-
OUTLET heater (7) into the atmosphere. The
tem uses an M10 power supply as a primary dc
AIR OUTLET heater automatically heats the
power source,  t h e B A 3 5 1 7 / U b a t t e r y i s
AIR OUTLET to prevent icing. Solution drawn
connected as a standby power source. The BA
from the reservoir (5) is scrubbed of impurities in
3517/U battery (fig. 1-7) has a plastic case, metal
the detector cell (4) as it is recirculated by the
strap (1), clamping catch (3), identification plate
pump assembly (6). When an air sample contain-
(2), and cable assembly (4).
ing chemical agent is mixed with solution, the
detector cell-electrical output increases, and the
1-16. Functional Description
electronic module turns on the horn and turns off
the pump assembly. The horn will sound until the
Air is drawn into the M43 detector unit through
operator either resets the M43 detector unit or
the AIR INLET (1) and passes through a temper-
disconnects the power source. When the horn
ature-controlled heater (2). The heater (2) insures
sounds, the electronic module also provides a
that the temperature of the air sample, next
trigger signal to the REMOTE binding posts (17,
applied to the air filter (3), is not below 90F. The
fig. 1-2). If an M42 alarm unit (2, fig. 1-1) is
air filter (3) removes foreign particles before the
connected to the REMOTE binding posts, the
sample is processed in the detector cell (4).
M42 alarm unit also provides a warning signal.
Solution is pumped from the reservoir (5) into the
1-17. Tabulated Data
detector cell (4) by the pump assembly (6). The air
sample combines with the solution within the
a. Table 1-1 lists dimensions and weights of

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